What learning looks like

Delany Connected Learning is a new approach in learning and teaching that engages students in innovative and broad ways that encourage persistence, passion for learning and pride for themselves as learners.

Students are provided with opportunities that deepen rich exploration and critical reflection. This results in students achieving improved outcomes and being able to apply their learning across a broad range of subjects and varied circumstances.

The College is a place of 21st century learning where students will develop skills they will require to be contributing, dynamic global citizens.

Delany Connected Learning Diagram

The Learning Wheel

The Learning Wheel is the framework for educating the whole person in an approach that leads to deeper learning, understanding and applying learning in new ways.


How to learn
Strategies to gain and interrogate knowledge and creativity.


Recognising learning; Openness to ideas
Conscientiousness and positive self-image.


How to respect and collaborate with others
How to communicate and take responsibility.