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From the Principal

Welcome to Delany College, Granville.

We are a Catholic co-educational secondary school, proud of our Patrician heritage and contemporary learning environment.

We aim, through Delany Connected Learning - our approach to learning & teaching, to transform the lives of our young people so that they can become successful in their adult lives and be dynamic community leaders.

The College provides a nurturing community for students to pursue excellence in their academic studies, as well as sporting and cultural activities. To do this, we instil and model the 4 C’s that Delany Connected Learning mandates: Creativity, Critical Reflection, Communication and Collaboration.

As a Principal, I also intrinsically believe in fostering in our students, persistence, a passion for learning, and pride in themselves and others. These core values position students to grow and develop as strong individuals who leave our College in Year 12 with a strong sense of personal and community responsibility.

Our teachers and ancillary staff are dedicated professionals who have the best interests of our students at heart.

We continue to serve the Granville Catholic community as an exceptional and innovative school for young men and women.


Mr Robert Muscat



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  • Principal's Blog


    Dear Delany community,

    As we enter the month of March I would like to highlight some significant dates in the life of the College:

    Wednesday, 1 March:

    The College celebrated the Eucharist with Father Andrew at Holy Trinity Parish Church.

    Ash Wednesday marks the commencement of the Lenten season which is a time of preparation and sacrifice.

    Friday, 3 March:

    Year 6 students from Holy Trinity, Holy Family and St Oliver’s visited the College to experience the learning and make use of our wonderful facilities.

    Wednesday, 8 March:

    The College welcomed all visitors at our Open Day during two sessions. A 9 – 11am time slot was available for parents and students to walk through the learning spaces as lessons were in operation. The second session was in the afternoon from 3 – 5:30pm when parents and students had the opportunity to talk to teachers and senior students and go on tour around the school. On arrival all families received an enrolment package.


    Friday, 17 March:

    The College will celebrate St Patrick’s Day at the Cathedral with a Mass to mark the 75th Anniversary of Catholic education on our present site. Members of the Patrician congregation as well as previous Principals and other educational dignitaries will be in attendance. We welcome any parents who are free to attend the Mass at 10am followed by morning tea in the Cathedral Hall. The students will enjoy a day of

    fun at the Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Pool Centre at the conclusion of mass.

    It is a busy time for the College and we welcome your support in making these celebrations a great success.

    God bless

    Mr Robert Muscat

    Posted By Robert Muscat at 12/3/17 11:02am Permalink
  • Principal's Blog

    Dear Delany community,

    A significant element of being a successful person is the belief that one can succeed. The research is very clear as it supports the notion that achievement is linked to high self-esteem. However, this does not suggest that we avoid any criticism and remove all barriers, thus creating an unrealistic existence.
    Jean Twenge, an American psychologist, believes that true self-esteem is an outcome, not a cause. Bythis she is proposing that it is reasonable to affirm progress and give encouragement but ultimately self-esteem is internally driven. She continues by adding that it is critical we foster a healthy sense of self-pride that is linked to overcoming challenges, pushing the limits of personal achievement and persisting through setbacks.

    Some simple strategies parents could adopt to support their child’s learning are;
    a) Positive talk
    b) Structures to cope with problems
    c) Change habits and routines
    d) Check tasks
    e) Work from strengths rather than weaknesses

    God bless
    Mr Robert Muscat

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  • Principal's Blog

    Dear Delany Community,

    We welcome all new families to Delany College and in particular our Year 7 parents. We are looking forward to working with you as partners in the education of your child.

    In addition, we are also excited to have a number of new teachers join our community:
    Sharon McManus - Senior School Teacher Learning Leader
    Joanna McKeown - Middle School Teacher Learning Leader
    Michelle Mutabdzija - Middle School Student Learning Leader
    Ahmed Ibrahim - School Learning Leader STEM
    Alexander Peronace - 7.4 Mentor Teacher
    Henanita Fatu - 8.3 Mentor Teacher
    Stefani Falcone - 8.4 Mentor Teacher
    Natalie Roberts - 9.1 Mentor Teacher
    Kelsey Ortiz - 9.3 Mentor Teacher
    Donia Shwan - 10.3 Mentor Teacher
    Rebecca Hay - 10.4 Mentor Teacher
    Michael Macahilig - 11.3 Mentor Teacher

    We have introduced many changes to the operations of the school, in particular the starting times. As of this year, classes will commence at 8:45am, without a HomeRoom/Administration session. It is imperative that ALL students are on the College site at 8:30am in preparation for the start of the day.

    Mentor time has been introduced to provide an opportunity for all students to have a significant adult be their advocate and monitor their overall performance. If you have a question around your child’s progress and are not sure who to talk to, you’re asked to contact your child’s mentor teacher as a starting point.

    The year marks the 75th Anniversary of Catholic education on our present site. Patrician Brothers Granville opened in 1942 as a Year 5 – 10 boys school, later becoming 7 – 10 and finally in 1996 being rebadged as Delany College, a Year 7 – 12 coeducational, comprehensive Catholic school. To commemorate the occasion we will celebrate with a mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral followed by a morning tea for parents and guests and activities for the students. Parents are most welcome to attend the mass and/or morning tea on Friday, 17 March.

    I look forward to working together with families, staff and students this year to fulfill
    our College motto of LOVE, SERVE and HOPE.

    God bless
    Mr Robert Muscat
    Posted By Robert Muscat at 11/3/17 9:29am Permalink
  • Principal's Blog

    Dear Delany Community,

    As we approach the end of the school year, I would like to acknowledge the work andefforts of the Delany teaching and support staff. These are men and women who are compassionate and true professionals. In addition I would like to thank the school leadership team in providing the direction and encouragement throughout the year. Finally, I would recognise the partnership we have with our parents who continually support and promote the work that we do at Delany College.

    Changes for 2017
    One of the major changes to occur in 2017 is the start and finish times for the students. The expectation is that students arrive at school by 8:30am as the day begins at 8:45am with students heading straight into Period 1. There will no longer be early finish on Thursday. Students are dismissed each day at the same time of 3:05pm.

    Leaving staff
    We wish all the following staff our best wishes hoping their future endeavours are fulfilling and exciting:- Mrs Joan Benson - Administration, Mrs Karen Armin-Grimm – Career Teacher,
    Mrs Marianne Samyia - Teacher, Mrs Valentine Alexis - Stage Leader, Mrs Joyce Ison - Stage Leader, Mr Stephen Clark - Teacher, Mrs Pamela McCauley - Maths Leader, Mrs Carola Webber - Library Teacher, Mr James Bunoza - Temp Teacher, Mrs Renee Azar – Teachers Aide, Mrs Jessica Cimino - Temp Teacher, Mr Paul Cooper - Temp Teacher, Ms Natalie Dumycz - Temp Teacher, Ms Rannia Katrib - Temp Teacher, Ms Alison Kirk - Temp Teacher,Ms Frances Moli - Temp Teacher and Ms Sharlene Mourched -Temp Teacher. We particularly recognise Mrs Joan Benson for her loyal and dedicated career spanning 37 years at Delany College.

    God bless
    Mr Robert Muscat
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