Stage 5 debating the big issues!



Students in Commerce are beginning the year with the topic ‘Consumer Choice.’ We have begun to explore the nature of our decisions as consumers, and how this impacts on our quality of life. The class have engaged in some deep thinking and understanding when they debated: ‘Is consumerism killing the environment?’

The students from opposing teams presented some very interesting arguments and rebuttals. We are so pleased at the level of learning and understanding they are demonstrating already. It is going to be a wonderful year ahead! Well done!

Geography Classes are exploring the topic ‘Changing Places’ by developing an understanding of the issues associated with population growth as well as the challenges urban planners face to create an urban plan which addresses the issues of population growth.

Students are engaged and working in teams to showcase their learning by drafting their own urban plans and presenting these ideas to their peers.

Keep up the enthusiasm young geographers!