The Truth About Valentine's Day!



On this important day, Delany College not only recognises Christian martyr, Saint Valentine of Rome, who was a fervent follower of Christ and advocate of Love, but celebrate the close-knit community of the college! Our students celebrated Valentine's Day by donating their time and money to support Caritas Australia... and also learnt why we truly celebrate this occasion!

Valentine’s Day, often associated with chocolate, is often celebrated with roses and love. But why do we truly celebrate this occasion?

In Italian this week, Stage 4 and 5 explored the origins of Valentine’s Day, understanding the legend that Saint Valentine, otherwise known as San Valentino in Italy, is in fact the patron Saint of Rome, and of newly weds and engaged couples.

San Valentino was martyred, executed as a result of his role as a priest performing marriages for Christian couples in secret, during a time that it was forbidden. He also spent his life during the third century, converting non-believers to Christianity. Before his death on February 14, it is believed that San Valentino left his loved one a note, signed, “your Valentine”.

February 14 has since been the feast day for St Valentine, and name’s day for all Valentines, Valentinas and Valentinos of the world, who based on Italian culture and tradition, should receive a gift.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!