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Delany College is a Catholic co-educational school for students from Year 7 to Year 12, providing contemporary, student-centred education in a nurturing environment. Discover the Delany Difference!

Our excellent teachers aim to understand each student and take the time to personalise their learning, ensuring their personal goals will be met. At Delany, we seek to ensure that our students, their development, wellbeing and career pathways are at the centre of all we do.

Delany provides access to a broad range of curriculum options and projects that are developed around individual students’ strengths, and to connect learning in the classroom to relevant future tertiary study and employment pathways. We want to help every student reach their potential and set achievable goals that will prepare them for success.


Delany Catholic College Granville Our Story

A welcome message from Delany College Principal, Shauna Nash.



Delany Catholic College Granville Our Story

Delany College has a strong reputation for meeting students where they are and engaging them in their learning.



Delany Catholic College Granville News

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What we offer at Delany College

Delany Catholic College Granville Student Wellbeing

Everyone is welcome and diversity is celebrated

Delany is situated within a diverse local community area that includes many different cultures, a variety that we as a college choose to highlight and celebrate. We are extremely proud of our strong connection with our local community. The Patrician tradition of ‘hospitality’ is lived every day as students play and learn together, across all age groups and cultures. At Delany all students are valued equally and feel a deep sense of belonging.

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Delany Catholic College Granville Students

Student learning is driven by student ideas

We place a high value on the interests, passions, talents and ideas of our students and use these as the basis for learning. Research shows that students are more engaged with their education when their learning reflects who they are as people. Through the My Delany Journey program, beginning in Year 7, we help students connect the things they are interested in, to their learning goals. As a result, our students are motivated and inspired for their whole school career. At Delany we care enough about our students to find out what they care about most.

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Delany Catholic College Granville Curriculum

A diverse curriculum

The curriculum offered at the college is flexible and is adapted to suit the needs, interests and abilities of individual students. Delany’s curriculum provides all students with the opportunity to develop to their full potential, whether they are planning to continue on to further study or join the workforce.

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Delany Catholic College Granville Teachers

Exceptional Educators

Our highly professional and dedicated teachers and staff are committed to helping their students achieve their best. Delany College has a remarkable group of staff,  who continually strive for excellence to meet the needs of each student – spiritually, academically and through a commitment to pastoral care. They are experienced in a range of teaching and learning strategies in order to cater for individual differences. Delany teachers know and care for every student.

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Spaces Designed to Support Student Success

Learning at Delany takes place in modern, flexible, agile spaces that support a variety of activities. We are proud to offer purpose-built learning spaces including technology studios, a media room, a Makerspace, Industrial Kitchens, Wood And Metal Technology Workshops, and so much more!

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Delany Catholic College Granville Pathways

Pathways to success

Our approach to Stage 4 (Years 7-8) learning is to set up the pathways students will need to succeed and ensure they have the skills they require for future learning. Part of this includes students completing Foundations Certificate I by the end of Stage 4 and an additional certificate by the end of Stage 5. We give our students a tangible result for their efforts and a strong foundation for the rest of their education.

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Delany Catholic College Granville Academy 1:5:1

Academy 1:5:1

Students in Stage 5 (Years 9-10) who have achieved success in their core subjects in the previous year, have the chance to be part of this specialised, learning enrichment program. The program provides deeper learning opportunities for students, preparing them for their senior studies and post schooling careers.

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Delany Catholic College Granville Religious Education

A proud tradition

Our Patrician heritage and Catholic values are integrated into school life with students participating in Religious Education, liturgies and retreat programs. Our highly professional and dedicated teachers and staff are committed to students achieving their best. In close partnership with parents and the Parish, we work to ensure the spiritual, academic and social development of students and do this through a Religious Education program that embraces the core Catholic beliefs and values.

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Delany Catholic College Granville Extracurricular

Personalised learning cultural experiences

The College encourages students to extend their learning and pursue their talents by participating in a range of activities including Band, Debating, Public Speaking, Reading Club, Mock Trial, Peer Support and a range of social justice initiatives.

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Delany College has a number of policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. Learn how we operate.

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The Annual School Report provides parents and the wider school community with accurate information about various aspects of school performance and development.

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Delany Catholic College Granville Winner 2017 Innovative School



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