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Delany College competed with an academic selective high school named Girraween High School; Delany as the Prosecution and Girraween as Defence. The case in this round involved a football player named Judy Morrison being accused of corrupting the game by purposely missing the penalty shots in order to gain financial advantage.

The prosecution team, which was our team, needed to prove this beyond reasonable doubt whilst the competing team had to raise a doubt.

We had a close match however Delany College won by 10 points. We had a strong set of students acting as barristers (Mary and Marie ), witnesses (Aiden and Chanel), solicitor (Vincent), Court Officer, Chanel Chamoun, and a special acknowledgement for Yara Fakoua, who helped the witnesses to prepare.

Alongside the students were the two mentors/teachers (Ms  Shwan and Mrs Venhuizen) who had helped each and every member to reach their capabilities.

As the two barristers for this round, we were anxious on whether we would win, due to the previous round. However, as a collective, we were resilient enough to have improved our skills, therefore, winning the case. We objected to all the relevant objections and were extremely confident to win the case.

As said at the assembly, being eloquent yet firm was the way to win, and thus this theory was proven with this immense achievement. 

We will be moving to the next round and are thriving with enthusiasm about it.

Mary Ghribian and Marie Peralta, Year 10

Students Mock Trial Team Members


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Diane Dundas

Diane Dundas
Delany College Granville

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