Educating for the Future

Delany College is leading the way when it comes to 21st Century learning, with targeted teaching and a carefully designed learning framework that has students at the centre.

The Delany difference is that we use our students’ interests and passions to drive their learning, ensuring students are more motivated and engaged. Student ideas are valued and help form the basis of learning and teaching. With this approach we aim to transform the lives of our young people so that they can become successful in their adult lives and be dynamic community leaders.

Every decision we make about learning is calculated, considered and with the students’ outcomes at heart. We are educating for future success by making sure that critical learning happens TODAY. We are driven by our vision of what a Delany graduate should be.

A Delany graduate is:

  • a capable, confident and compassionate person of faith
  • an independent lifelong learner who demonstrates a growth mindset
  • a person who forms positive relationships with others.

Delany Catholic College Granville

Delany Catholic College Granville

Delany Catholic College Granville


Our approach is based on our ‘Pathways for Success’ broken down into a specific learning and wellbeing framework for each stage of learning:

Pathways for Success

This pathway prepares our junior students for future success giving them all the skills and support they need to settle into secondary schooling. Stage 4 students will have consistent teachers for core classes and smaller class groups to assist with the transition to high school.

Delany has recently moved to a ‘stage, not age’ approach to learning in Years 7 and 8. Students are grouped into composite classes creating a larger cohort that allows teachers to differentiate the learning more easily. We begin the year with a ‘boot camp’ designed to get students on track for the learning ahead and to ensure they are aware of the expectations and requirements of Stage 4. Responding to the latest educational research we use strategies such as Project Based Learning and integrated units to keep students engaged and motivated and to ensure they see the relevance of what they are learning.

Learning Framework Wellbeing Framework
Core classes arranged to meet student need* Positive Behaviour for Learning - this college-wide framework encourages our students to be safe, respectful learners and celebrates positive behaviours.
Positive Behaviour for Learning - this college-wide framework encourages our students to be safe, respectful learners and celebrates positive behaviours. Strength based learning - we focus on what our students are doing well and find ways to use this to help their learning in other areas.
Specialised Literacy & Numeracy Support Peer mentoring - younger students are helped by older students in areas such as homework club and alumni tutoring.
Personalised Learning Plans - for students who require additional support Retreat/camp - the aim of this trip is for students to form positive friendships and build confidence, resilience and independence in a fun and supportive environment.

* Students are required to study English, Mathematics, HSIE, Religious Education, PDHPE and Science

At this point in their education we begin to explore further what our students hope to do in the future and tailor their learning pathway to reflect this.

Learning Framework Wellbeing Framework
Core classes with the opportunity to participate in Academy 1:5:1 a learning enrichment program (more on this program below). Positive Behaviour for Learning - this college-wide framework encourages our students to be safe, respectful learners and celebrates positive behaviours.
Personalised Learning Plans - for students who require additional support Empower Me - a program to help students develop self-directed learning skills and take responsibility for their learning.
Electives & Certificate II courses - a wide range of subjects to choose from including vocational education courses. Retreat - to strengthen faith formation and deepen understanding of what it means to be Catholic in today’s world.
Work Experience + Early Advancement - we help students identify possible future career pathways and interests through practical experience, may include partnership opportunities with TAFE and universities.
Learning Framework Wellbeing Framework
HSC - Work and vocational education pathway Leadership & career mentoring - we help students match up career pathways & objectives with their current learning strategies and academic performance.
HSC - University pathway Service Program - as part of our focus on social justice students are encouraged to participate in outreach programs within the local community.
Optional Certificate II and III vocational education courses Retreat - to strengthen students’ faith formation and deepen their understanding of what it means to be Catholic in today’s world.

Beginning in Year 7 and extending through to the end of Year 10, this program is all about giving students direction for their learning and helping them to take responsibility for their own learning. My Delany Journey commences with us learning as much as we can about each student when they join the College and sharing this, along with future progress throughout the journey, with parents and carers.

A valuable part of the program is the ability for each student to achieve Certificate II in Foundation Skills by the end of Stage 4. This:

  • allows each student to consider their goals towards multiple credentials
  • introduces them to competency based practices that they will need for the upcoming years of school
  • builds their confidence as they experience success at an early stage of their learning career in secondary education.

By providing access to a broad range of curriculum options and projects that are developed around individual students’ strengths, learning in the classroom is devised to connect with relevant future tertiary study and employment pathways, enabling future success.

Students in Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) are invited to join a specialised learning program at Delany College. Academy 1:5:1 will provide students with:

  • an opportunity to participate in a highly enriched learning program
  • specialised skill development and mentoring by expert teachers in their fields
  • enhanced pathways for senior studies and career development.

What does 1:5:1 mean?

1:5:1 refers to the structure of lessons allocated for projects within the program:

  • 1 Lesson - project Launch and scope
  • 5 Lessons - inquiry, research, explicit teaching and production of work
  • 1 Lesson - presentation, reflection and monitoring of learning and skills development.

This combination of lessons allows students to use a variety of learning strategies and cover the same learning outcomes as required by the NSW syllabus for each subject. However, there is a greater emphasis on ‘learning to learn’. This special lesson format is used both in Australia and internationally and facilitates deeper learning opportunities for students, preparing them for their senior studies and post schooling careers.

How does the program work?

The program is designed to provide students with the best combination of their current studies programs and rigorous learning in projects blocks of 7 lessons for a variety of subjects.

Students in the program will undertake the following pattern of study:

  • mentor lessons, Elective subjects, sport on Thursday and college events will be undertaken with their usual year level cohort
  • core subjects of English, HSIE, Religious Education, Science, PDHPE will be undertaken as part of the Stage 5 class enrolled into the Academy 1:5:1 program and studied in program blocks
  • Mathematics will be studied with a specialised senior mathematics teacher. Only students enrolled in the Academy 1:5:1 program will participate in this class, allowing them to focus and prepare for their future study pathways in the senior phase of learning. There will be a strong emphasis on problem solving as part of the Extending Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning program.

Who can be part of the program?

Participation in the 1:5:1 Academy program is for students in Years 9 and 10 who meet the following selection criteria:

  • demonstrated a high level of success in at least 4 of their core subjects in 2020 (English, Mathematics, HSIE, Religious Education, PDHPE and Science)
  • demonstrated the ability to work both independently and effectively as a member of a team
  • demonstrated a commitment to their studies by having an exemplary attendance record (greater than 90% regular attendance)
  • consistent task submission during the 2021 calendar year.

How do I apply?

To be part of this specialised learning program, students can express their interest by contacting the school on

At Delany College, we have many options for students in Years 10 to 12 to allow them to choose the learning path to best prepare for their interests beyond school. We offer students the opportunity to do a School-Based Traineeship or Apprenticeship in partnership with CathWest Innovation College, another state-of-the-art Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta school. This means students can stay in a safe, well-supported environment and thrive with friends their own age. The available courses are:

  • Automotive
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Hairdressing
  • Shopfitting.

Students will complete their HSC and study at Delany 3 days a week, attend CathWest (through transport provided by Delany College) 1 day per week, and attend work 1 day per week. This provides the chance to start a qualification, as well as keeping student options open so they can continue their education at a tertiary level if they choose.

Of course, students in Year 11 and 12 will continue to have the option to complete their HSC at Delany College.



At Delany College, we support each student to do their best and prepare them for the future they dream of after graduation beyond school!



Delany Catholic College Granville

Delany Catholic College Granville


Our Catholic faith lights the way as we guide your child’s learning journey. We are led by love, compassion and respect for all.
We walk with Jesus and with those in need, both at school and in the community. Together in Christ, we will change the world.
We see the good in each child. Every child deserves to be safe, known and cared for. Every child can learn lots, grow as a person and be happy.

Here’s what we think about learning

Let’s work together

Every child’s learning journey begins at home. We’ll work with you to make sure that your child is on track at school too. This means getting to know your child well, especially what gets them excited about learning.

Like you, we understand that great teachers make a real difference in a child’s life. That’s why we’ll make sure that your child’s teachers are skilled up and supported by an effective Principal with a passion for learning and caring.

Our teaching is up-to-date

Our children’s adult lives will be very different from our own. Technology is changing everything including the way they will work. To prepare them for whatever that future holds, our school has had to change and will need to keep changing.

Learning today is so much more than facts and figures. Information will be coming at them from everywhere so they need to learn to make sense of it all and the world around them. We’re focused on developing strengths that students need now and in the future - communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and so much more.

  • We’ll work with your child to find out what interests them and show them ways to learn more.
  • We’ll use real world problems to show how the skills we learn at school are relevant for life.
  • We’ll work closely with your child as they learn to take responsibility for learning too.

It’s a great start to a lifelong learning journey. And our teachers are lifelong learners too!

This is how we do it

So much more is being asked of teachers today. Not only will teachers get to know your child’s needs, they’ll change their teaching approaches to meet them where they’re at. This means teachers need to be ready to share skills with students, help students plan their learning, track how each student is progressing, and respond with extra support as needed. After all, learning how to learn is even more important than what we learn.

We’re supporting your child’s learning

Our school is a place where curiosity, imagination and love of learning are treasured. We know schools should be places of wonder, exploration and endless possibilities. Our school is full of great teachers working together to meet your child’s needs in spaces that are designed for up-to-date learning. There are places for students to work together and for working independently. They are places where the latest technology supports your child’s learning.

We’ll make this work for you and your child

Every child is different and so is their learning journey. Teamwork between our school and families, expert staff, state-of-the-art technology, well-designed facilities, and a can-do attitude help us to meet your child’s needs better. Our school is a community of learners, thinkers and achievers. It is a safe place for each child to belong, make friends and be cared for.

Let’s keep talking!

We’ll take every opportunity to talk with you about your child’s learning. The best learning happens when there’s a strong partnership between home and school. We know you want to know how the learning works, and we’ll keep you updated when it’s working well for your child and when it’s not. After all, we’re all in this together.

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