Pathways for success

The learning journey at Delany College honours the developmental stages in a student’s life.

Each of our ‘Pathways for Success’ is broken down into a specific learning and wellbeing framework for each stage of learning. With this approach we aim to transform the lives of our young people so that they can become successful in their adult lives and be dynamic community leaders.

Pathways for success

Delany Catholic College Granville students using the classroom facilities

For Years 7 and 8, Delany focuses on building foundational skills students need for high school

Stage 4 students have consistent teachers for core classes and smaller class groups to assist with the transition to high school.

We begin the year with a ‘boot camp’ designed to get students on track for the learning ahead and to ensure they are aware of the expectations and requirements of Stage 4. We use strategies such as Project Based Learning and integrated units to keep students engaged and motivated and to help them see the relevance of what they are learning.

Junior Delany Catholic College Granville students receiving assistance from our Dedicated Teachers

Foundations Pathway

Learning framework Wellbeing framework
Core classes arranged to meet student need* Strength based learning - we focus on what our students are doing well and find ways to use this to help their learning in other areas
Specialised Literacy and Numeracy support Peer mentoring - younger students are helped by older students in areas such as homework club
Personalised Learning Plans - for students who require additional support Retreat/camp - the aim of this trip is for students to form positive friendships and build confidence, resilience and independence in a fun and supportive environment

* Students are required to study English, Mathematics, HSIE, Religious Education, PDHPE and Science

Both the learning and wellbeing frameworks are underpinned by Positive Behaviour for Learning - this college-wide framework encourages our students to be safe, respectful learners and celebrates positive behaviours.

Learners become creative critical thinkers through personalised and accelerated programs. Learners become connected and communicate through real-life experiences. Through this learning journey they soon discover how awesome they can be.

We’ll work with your child to find out how they learn best.

Through inquiry students are immersed in the learning process, connecting their learning to the real world.

We’ll work closely with your child as they grow in responsibility for their learning.

Discover the Delany learning pathways

Junior Delany Catholic College Granville students receiving assistance from our Dedicated Teachers
Years 7 to 8
Foundations Pathway
Delany Catholic College Granville students in class
Years 9 to 10
Inquiry Pathway
Delany Catholic College Granville students using the wood tech facilities for their vocational education
Years 11 to 12
Senior Pathways
Learning at Delany College Granville
Learning at Delany
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